about the intrepid wendell

The Intrepid Wendell is a jeweler that helps you share your joy.




We will work with you to create a unique piece of jewelry that fits you personally.

We get to know you – as much as you will let us be a part of your world and your joy. 

We learn your style and what this piece means to you. We learn what will put a smile on your face, and on the face of someone you love. Then we create a bespoke piece for you. 


When you visit our office, you will see things you haven’t seen elsewhere. In fact, many of our things are so extraordinary that you simply can’t see them anywhere else.

We travel the globe from north to south and east to west to find the materials for our pieces. We visit metalworks and markets. 

We have designed a salon that is different from what a jewelry store is supposed to be. We will never offer you a stock piece

This is not a jewelry store. This is a place to learn and to create. 

This is a place to dream up a piece of jewelry that you, your loved one, your family, or your portfolio can be proud of and cherish. 

This is a place that will help you express who you are. This is a place to share your joy. Does it sound like your kind of place? Come see for yourself.



Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll arrange a time for your visit.

about the name

Daniel has traveled a lot. Over a period of years, one small, plush rat toy named Wendell became a frequent stowaway in Daniel’s briefcase. His constant travel to all corners of the world earned Wendell the title of Intrepid.  


So our business is named after a rat of great standing — an Intrepid rat named Wendell.

about us 

Daniel Boettcher, the owner of The Intrepid Wendell, likes to say that his company operates at his highest impossible standard.


By saying this, Daniel means that he hopes every piece he creates will bring him closer to perfection – even though he knows it will elude him. Like the Persian makers of the finest carpets who weave imperfections into their carpets in recognition of their humanity, Daniel knows that mortals are not capable of such a feat.  


Daniel earned his Graduate Gemologist diploma from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and has completed courses at HRD Antwerp (Hoge Raad voor Diamant – Antwerpen).  He is also an Ivy League-educated lawyer and scholar of international affairs. 




Joshua Collier is the Vice President of The Intrepid Wendell.


Josh earned a Graduate Gemologist diploma from GIA (Gemological Institute of America).  He finds great joy in spending time with our clients to help them create beauty.  Josh is an expert at digital design and CAD. Especially, Josh loves pushing the boundaries of design in a way that helps clients personify their dreams in jewelry. 


Josh is passionate about literature, cycling, and traveling the world with Wendell.




On its finest day, The Intrepid Wendell teaches all of us to stand for something. 
To Daniel and Josh, The Intrepid Wendell stands for an immutable and simple joy.


Come visit and discover what it can mean for you.


1401 k st nw suite 688

washington, dc 20001 

+1 202 688-0545


- by appointment only

no photos have been retouched. 

we love to share your joy.

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