What is Gemology?

 "Sakura no Mai" (桜の舞) photographed under UV-B light.

Simply put, gemology is the study of gemstones.

More academically stated, at The Intrepid Wendell, we see gemology as the field of study that details the scientific, historic, economic, anthropological, and artistic aspects of the use of precious gems. 


That’s a mouthful.  The intention is not to cause your eyes to glaze over.  But the fact is that the study of gemology is a big field.

Tables of treasures at an outdoor gem market.

Training in knowledge of the gem and jewelry industry takes a lifetime.  The field is unique in its conversation among geologists, museum curators, investors, jewelers, young men and women in love, historians, and any number of others. 


In Joyfully Cast: The Intrepid Wendell Story, we will go into these issues in more depth.  We will also discuss some of the organizations who offer gemology training and academic advice on the subject.  Our hope is that you can find the place where gemology becomes relevant to you



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